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Entrance to "Paradis" Restaurant in Pinsk. It advertises lunches, dinners, dancing and artists performances.

I guess the restaurant was at Kosciuszko Street and the owner was Mr Gregorowicz.

Photo dated 17 April 1938.

Pinsk was situated on the left bank only of the river Pina. On the right bank were marshes.

This photo was taken at the right end of Pinsk bridge, with a view of city from the right bank of the river.

Dated 17 April 1938.

On top deck of Pinsk River Navy boat NORWID (Nr.1811 R.A.)

On this photo and two photos above is Konstanty Bogusz (Bogush) and his friends visiting Pinsk from nearby village Dobroslavka where his father was a paramedic. Dated 17 April 1938.

Administrator of Polesie Province (Voivode), Kostek Biernacki (marked "X"), at the opening of Pinsk Poleski Fair in April 1938.

I presume he is shaking the hand of Mayor of Pinsk (Starosta) Mr. Lyszczkowski.

The Entrance to the new "Poleski Fair" (i.e. the fair of Polesie district) in Pinsk, opened in 1938. All was very modern and state of the art. Baranowicze Radio Station opened its branch in Pinsk for the occasion.

Next year, the Soviet invasion brought socialism and moved progress 50 years backwards, not to mention the terror.

Inside view of Poleski Fair

Another view of Poleski Fair

Trading from boats on the Pina river bank in Pinsk.

About 1934.

A villager, horses and carts trading in Pinsk

A village boy and cart full of hay in Pinsk.

Village youths looking after the cows. One boy is making a basket.

A village in the marshy Polesie.

Haystacks in Polesie. Raised above ground to keep them dry.

Ferrying two horses and a cart in a boat across the river.

Many rivers among "Pripet marshes" in Polesie were shallow. Often, to move the boat, the villagers used long oars. Standing up, they were pushing away from the bottom of the river, as seen on this photo.

Fisherman on the river Pina.

The fisherman wears typical Polesie region costume.

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