Ch. 8

On this photo, taken in October 2007, is:
Lucyna, Lodzia's daughter, with her husband Edward, both on the left in the middle row, and their three sons Artur, Bartek and Marcin, together with daughters-in-law and grandchildren.

Front row (from left): Kristi, Artur's wife and their youngest daughter. Then two boys of Bartek. Above the boys is Lucyna's son Artur.
Middle row (from left): Lucyna's husband Edward, then Lucyna holding Artur's dlitttle aughter.
Top row (from left): Bartek and his wife Monika. Then Marcin, Lucyna's youngest son, who is studying in Poland, visiting USA on school vacation. Other younger son, also a student, remained in Poland and is not on the photo. His name is Kamil.

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